"I have been where you have been. You can go as far as your dreams and goals will take you!” - Dezi Slusher


Hey there dezi.... well I've been wanting to text you for a min now and express to you how thankful I am to have worked with you. I just wanted to share that I know completed 2 weeks of kickboxing cardio classes and I plan to continue to do so grant it my hip and pelvic allows. Because of you I was determined and focused to get my shit together and do my best at this challenge in my life. Doctors are shocked to see that I took myself off all meds and work out as often as I do (yes it hurts but I won't give up) I'm not done I'm far from it but I really wanted to reach out to you and say thank you. Just simply for being you and being an amazing influence on my and others. I'll forever be thankful for you. Xoxo


Simply just saying YOU'RE AMAZING!!!


This time last year I could barely walk without pain ...walk up stairs or do 1 damn squat. NOW believe it or not when the whole class is doing sit ups.... I'm squatting my ass off and I love it


Absolutely xoxo thank you again I'M FOCUSED
- Tina N.